Os ebooks e a Pirataria - Dois artigos interessantes

A pirataria de ebooks é boa, diz o primeiro artigo, aqui:


Um excerto:

"The opportunities of piracy
Once you are able to see piracy not only as a threat, you can start to see the positive effects. Positive? Yes. Think about why people pirate your books. Why would they do that? Think negative and you might say: they don’t want to pay for it. Could be (see the text under the next heading how to tackle that). But the main reason is: they want your book! And that is a good thing, right? So if you want to use that in your own advantage, you could see piracy (in other words: downloading for free) as sampling. Hey, an opportunity! Take over control and spread the work for free yourself."

O segundo refere o facto de alguns autores encorajarem a pirataria dos seus próprios livros. Veja aqui:

Um excerto:

"Are authors pirating their own ebooks to promote themselves?

We have spoken with a few authors who did not want to be named because of book publishing deals with companies and would only speak with us under the cover of anonymity.
We have found through our research that certain authors have been deliberately been leaking their own books to popular Bittorrent sites such as the Pirate Bay and Demonoid. From the authors we spoke with there were two main reasons why they initially did this. The first factor was to publicly denounce the torrent site for pirating their works and then capitalizing on the ensuing television, radio or online attention that came along with it. The second reason was far more nobler, to share their books for free on sites that often have copyright infringing material."


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