Livro Gratuito na Amazon "The Velocity Manifesto", de Scott Klososky

O meu destaque nos livros gratuitos de hoje vai para o livro:

The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision, and Culture to Future-Proof your Organization

É uma obra, acabada de lançar nos EUA (versão em capa dura 16,47 USD) que me parece ser muito interessante para todos aqueles que se interessam pela economia digital, a gestão empresas e a liderança na actualidade.

Product Description

Scott Klososky’s manifesto will prepare any organization to withstand the high-velocity onslaught of a world now heavily influenced by technology usage. In this hands-on guide to helping leaders effectively steer their organizations through wrenching infrastructure and social changes, author Scott Klososky details the actions that leaders must take to keep their digital plumbing—the all-important technological infrastructure of their organizations—up-to-date. Readers will learn that the survival of their organization depends on continuously adapting and integrating appropriate new technologies, including everything from robust IT systems to social technologies. Looking into the future, the author presents readers with a planning strategy that will enable them to stay ahead of burgeoning technological trends—especially those that will significantly impact their organizations. The author deftly combines his discussion of technology with an in-depth, actionable program for workforce integration. By providing essential educational tools, the author presents a process for building technology bridges across generations to maximize performance, loyalty, and satisfaction. The author’s call-to-action will energize readers who are frustrated by cloistered IT departments, unproductive lines of communication between Baby Boomers and younger staff members, and an overall lack of technological sophistication. By following The Velocity Manifesto, readers will be able to revitalize any business culture threatened by technology. With experience at every level of the technology business, from assembling computers as a teenager to delivering TED talks in Mumbai, the author is a recognized expert in technological innovation. Readers in any industry will benefit from the insights and action plans delivered by The Velocity Manifesto


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